10. March 2023
Julia Kriegel

We have a plan

In early September, we not only welcomed VAST Lady Julia on board as our sustainability manager (yay!), we also held our second VAST GREEN workshop – this time focusing on developing an idea of our collaboration, our sustainability framework. As a change management expert, Vero from our external VAST GREEN team supported us in preparing the workshop, as we see our VAST GREEN initiative as a real change process. The VAST GREEN framework should enable us as a team to implement our sustainability strategy in parallel to our daily business.


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More complex tasks, based on the current and constantly evolving legal situation, such as the German Supply Chain Act, or the scientific basis behind the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, must also be worked on. As our 6 VAST GREEN Principles are based on the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the European Union, it is also necessary to work out which criteria are relevant for us as an organisation.

Our framework is based on a uniform, transparent procedure and process that is intended to support us in achieving our goal of implementing our VAST GREEN method and strategy. Roughly speaking, we rely on a sprint approach in defined thematic working groups that meet at least once a week in a coworking session via Zoom. The work in the sprint sessions follows a uniform path: research – measure – define SMARTE goals – plan change – act – report (see also blogpost #12 “Let’s Go OKR”).

In our second workshop, we not only agreed on our framework, we also formed the working groups based on our 6 VAST GREEN guiding principles. In these 6 thematic working groups, we want to drive forward the implementation of our strategy in four-week sprints. During the weekly sprints, we coordinate our work in stand-ups, exchange new insights and solve problems that may arise along the way. As product owner, Julia keeps an overview of the process and, of course, also works on the content of several working groups in parallel.


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