8. April 2022
Matthias Wagener / Julia Kriegel

a strategy

After the first Lunch & Learn on sustainability, prepared and held by VAST Lady Vanessa, the whole team set 6 essential principles for what we now call VAST GREEN. Based on these principles and with the expertise of Alyssa Jade McDonald Baertl, our sustainability strategy was formed. Our 6 principles are based on a holistic approach to sustainability, for which we orient ourselves on unilateral climate agreements, such as the Paris Climate Agreement.

Yet, what exactly does the implementation of our VAST GREEN Strategy mean for VAST FORWARD? In retrospect, VAST FORWARD has already been quite well positioned when it comes to sustainability – for example with our organizational structure, which already operates mostly meeting-, travel- and paperless since 2015. Therefore our team is taking on the task of living and working in an even more resource-conserving and mindful way, showing consideration and avoiding waste more consistently – important principles that each one of us can work on at their own pace. Looking at the company as a whole, VAST FORWARD starts to promote impact-oriented innovations through conscious investments.


An important task within VAST GREEN is to document our journey, as well as sharing our progress and development in a transparent manner. With our VAST GREEN Website we want to create a space where we provide insights into our internal processes. We also strive to create a place, where we share our progress in a series of blog posts, such as the one you are reading right now. VAST Lady Vanessa developed the design concept of the website and implemented it with the help of a small team. Yet, the content is created by the whole VAST GREEN team.  

By doing so, we will keep you updated and take you along with us on our journey towards our VAST GREEN, sustainable business future of our company VAST FORWARD.


Apr 2022

A thought grown with
the team

In two of our L&L in 2020, we addressed the questions of how we can make a positive contribution on a personal level and as a company.

Apr 2022

The road towards our
Vast Green Website

The path to the VAST GREEN website - How a platform of open exchange was created from a scribble.