8. April 2022
Franziska Krenz / Julia Kriegel


Implementing our sustainability strategy VAST GREEN is quite an extensive task and requires expertise by professionals in some areas. Although VAST Lady Vanessa already created a good basis for VAST GREEN through her research, and the Lunch & Learn, we have brought four new experts into the team. Since mid 2021, Andrea, Tanja, Veronique and Julia are part of the crew and support us in the implementation of our VAST GREEN strategy. 

Julia was welcomed to our internal VAST GREEN team as our dedicated sustainability manager. Julia is “product owner” of VAST GREEN and the link between the internal and the external VAST GREEN team. After growing up in New Zealand, she came back to Germany for her studies, where she especially focussed on “Sustainable Business” during her Master´s degree at the University of Mannheim.

Julia is “product owner” of VAST GREEN and the link between the internal and the external VAST GREEN team.

Veronique’s professional focus is the development of corporate strategies. As an expert in the field of change management, she accompanies change processes as well as involving all stakeholders inside and outside of the company. In the past she mainly worked with large corporations, today, she supports SMEs such as VAST FORWARD. Veronique loves bringing people together and finding a solution for every challenge or task. 

Andreas competency lies in management and partner launches in the IT and communication sector. Originally from Cottbus, she now lives and works in

London. Andrea does not like to settle for the status quo and her strength is to always keep calm. With regards to VAST GREEN, Andrea is our expert in customer and stakeholder management – thus being responsible for the VAST GREEN stakeholder relations. She also supports us in determining the pace at which we address relevant topics and to-dos.


Tanja is a computer scientist and loves the analytical work in a team. She worked as an IT Consultant for various companies and is responsible for the development of the “MEGGY” Method at VAST GREEN. There will certainly be more to tell about MEGGY later in the process. In any case, Tanja is an integral part of our VAST GREEN strategy implementation. Right now, Tanja lives in Greece, mainly due to her love for nature and her passion to ride motorcycles.


Apr 2022

Interview with Alyssa
Jade McDonald-Bärtl

Interview with sustainability expert Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bärtl about our VAST GREEN initiative and our path to sustainability.