8. April 2022
Matthias Wagener / Julia Kriegel

The Idea behind VAST GREEN - Born in a workshop, growing with our team /
as a team?

At the beginning of 2020, we started to plan our annual team event, “Developer Day 2020,” for the extended VAST FORWARD  team during spring 2020.

Our annual networking event, the so-called Developer Day, brings our entire project management team together and involves all programmers and other specialists working with VAST FORWARD. Hence, the “DevDay” is an occasion to get to know each other better and, more personally, to network, chat, and exchange ideas besides all the projects/ besides our daily business. 

In addition, we also try to discover a content-related aspect in an “Inspiration Journey” as a form of joint education, so to speak. Where in 2019 it was all about future topics such as moonshots and AI, it was supposed to be all about sustainability in 2020. To shorten travel time for the whole team, Dresden was chosen as the perfect meeting point for the team. Furthermore, Dresden is an exciting, beautiful city where many innovative startups are currently emerging.


As part of this “Inspiration Journey,” we wanted to visit six different companies and organizations, which include “sustainability” on their agenda: from “Quergedacht Stadtplan” , the VW-Gläserne Manufaktur  to Stadtentwicklung Dresden, exciting presentations were planned to help VAST FORWARD find its perfect fit in the big world of sustainability. 

Therefore, the DevDay and the content-related, thematic preparations we made as a team mark the birth of VAST GREEN. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we had to rethink our agenda for 2020, giving the need to look for other ways than live events. 

Yet, as the topic is so dear to us, we re-planned our “DevDay” and pushed forward with our internal path with so-called Lunch&Learns for the time being – but more about that later!