31. May 2022
Julia Kriegel

Green Challenge
in March

You don’t just have to want to protect the environment, you also have to commit to doing something about it. As part of our VAST GREEN initiative, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves with regard to sustainability on a corporate as well as on a personal level. 

Especially as a remote company, joint projects, for example those that arise from our VAST GREEN initiative, are more than just an exciting variation but an important element of cohesion. We use a transparent approach to integrate a variety of small “bite-sized” tasks on the topic of sustainability into our daily routine, in line with our agile way of working – and thus become part of tangible positive change at work and in our personal environment. Because, as is so often the case, it’s the small changes that pay off and make the difference. 

Of course, this should also be fun, and so our VAST ladies Vanessa and Julia launched the “Green Challenge” at the beginning of March. 

Over a period of three weeks, the entire VAST FORWARD team was given daily tasks related to the topics of sustainability and mindfulness. To better follow the challenge and to make it more interactive, we shared the tasks daily via our VAST GREEN Slack channel – so each lady could openly share her responses, pictures and inspirations directly with all team members.

"Being confronted with little tasks around the topic of sustainability on a daily basis helped me to become more sensible towards my behaviour and my actions." Jenny

Two examples from our challenge:

Day 1 started with the theme of mindfulness – in which we all consciously took time out in nature. The result can be seen in a fantastic series of photos of all the ladies in the park, forest and wildlife park.

A super eye-opening activity we did was “plogging”, picking up trash while jogging. Jogging wasn’t necessary for us, we just looked around our neighborhood to see how much trash was lying on the streets and collected it directly. The result was pretty shocking and motivated us to pick up litter more often while walking – “plogging” is done quickly and makes a real difference!

In general, the challenge made us talk about our behaviors and habits even more intensively and we realized that every single one of us is already trying to act sustainably. Thanks to VAST GREEN, sustainability has become an integral part of our everyday work. 

Plus, the challenge was a lot of fun and we will continue to collect ideas on the topic of “sustainability in everyday life” and will certainly integrate another “Green Challenge ” during the year – it is rumored that there are already many great ideas in store for this. We are also looking forward to corporations or joint challenges with other companies or anyone else who is interested. If you are interested in a joint “Green Challenge”, please contact us via green@vast-forward.com.


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