23. November 2022
Julia Kriegel

Certifications 2022

In the context of our sustainability initiative VAST GREEN, we have questioned and changed some of our internal processes over the last two years and positioned ourselves more and more around the topic of sustainability. Because it is clear to us that we are living in a time of upheaval and change; the climate crisis and the responsibility of businesses towards a vibrant society are pressing issues that affect us all. Also, social issues, which are often left out, concern us as a woman-led company in a male-dominated tech industry.

As we’ve seen this year, the hard work is paying off, because we’ve received a number of certifications in 2022 that reflect our efforts at VAST FORWARD. In the following article, we will go into more detail about these certifications and explain what’s behind them.

"the climate crisis and the responsibility of businesses towards a vibrant society are pressing issues that affect us all."

Umweltpartnerschaft Hamburg - Hamburg Environmental Partnership

Since we created our sustainability strategy in 2020, together with Alyssa Jade McDonald Bärtl, a lot has changed in our company. The mere fact that the entire project management team is involved in the sustainable transformation of VAST FORWARD has had a lasting impact on our company.

The Umweltpartnerschaft Hamburg is an institution for the promotion of voluntary corporate environmental protection in Hamburg and the surrounding area. As an active partner of the network, we voluntarily do more for environmental and climate protection than required by law, e.g. with regard to company mobility.

Through the local support of the Hamburg Environmental Partnership, we also have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with companies following similar interests in order to tackle the sustainable transformation together.

We have set ourselves the goal of constantly questioning and developing ourselves and set clear goals along the way – not only in terms of ecological and economic sustainability, but also in the context of social sustainability. That is why we have become part of the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter) and the Ad Girls Club.

Charta der Vielfalt - Diversity Charter

As an all-female core team, a fair, diverse, gender-equal working environment and respectful interaction within the team are very important to us: We want to live diversity and show that it can work successfully in the male-dominated tech industry. In doing so, we are committed to creating an appreciative and unprejudiced work environment at VAST FORWARD that values talent on the basis of their achievements – regardless of age, gender, and gender identity.

That is why we signed the Diversity Charter in 2022. We are convinced that living diversity and appreciation have a positive impact on our society.

To implement the Diversity Charter, we will:

  • Cultivate an organizational culture, characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. We create the conditions for managers and employees to recognize, share and live these values.
  • In doing so, they have a special obligation to review our HR processes and ensure that they reflect the diverse skills and talents of all employees and our performance aspirations.
  • Recognize diversity within and outside the organization, value the potential it offers, and use it to the benefit of the company or institution.
  • Make the contents of the charter the subject of internal and external dialogue
  • Report publicly on our activities and progress in promoting diversity and valuing it on an annual basis
  • Inform our extended team about the added value of diversity and involve them in the implementation of the charter.

We go one step further by joining the Ad Girls Club, a collective that works to combat sexism in the advertising industry.

Ad Girls Club

The Ad Girls Club wants to change the advertising industry, together with agencies, and fight structural sexism. By signing the Ad Girls Club Manifest, we are publicly committing to the demands of the Ad Girls Club.

Today, it includes goals such as:

  • Women’s quota of 50 percent at all management levels from director level upwards.
  • Gender-neutral language, both internally and externally
  • Regular review of equal pay and, if necessary, adjustment of wages to avoid a gender pay gap
  • Enable compatibility of children and career – explicitly also with offers for fathers and without part-time work meaning a career stop

An (Interim) Conclusion

We are pleased about the development of visible successes of our sustainability initiative and hope to create a sign for sustainable development in our corporate environment together with the Hamburg Environmental Partnership, the Diversity Charter as well as the Ad Girls Club.

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Do you have any questions about the application process or how we at VAST FORWARD integrate sustainability into our corporate strategy? Then please contact us via green@vast-forward.com.


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