8. April 2022
Julia Kriegel

BNW Membership

At the end of 2021, we became a member of the German Federation of Sustainable Business (BNW)  – as a first recognition of our VAST GREEN initiative, this is a big step for VAST FORWARD, because the BNW has stood for future-oriented business since its foundation and supports the networking of like-minded actors.

The BNW was founded under the name UnternehmensGrün more than 20 years ago, in 1992 to be precise. At the heart of the BNW lies the conviction that ecological, social and economic issues are firmly intertwined.

In the spirit of VAST GREEN, the association stands for a holistic and collaborative development, where all members have the opportunity to network with each other and jointly drive forward the ecological and social transformation of the economy. After all, the now 500 members are all driven by one common goal – future-oriented economic activity.

Sustainability as a central theme of economic necessity makes associations like the BNW essential in terms of an open exchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices. And of course, purpose orientation is also central to attracting and retaining skilled workers today.

The BNW has been advocating for policy change since its inception. This is because a process of change in the economy towards sustainability must be supported and guided by suitable framework conditions, such as the Supply Chain Act.

As an association, the BNW also stands for a pioneering role with regard to the content-related orientation and the focus on actors and representatives from the business sector.

We have a special connection to the BNW because sustainability expert Alyssa Jade McDonald Bärtl, who has been on the BNW board for several years, developed our sustainability strategy VAST GREEN. We are proud to share today’s results with BNW stakeholders after our intensive first implementation sprints of our VAST GREEN initiative. And we look forward to working closely with the BNW to shape a livable future for generations to come. Let’s go, VAST GREEN!

Link to the website of the BNW:


Nov 2022

Certifications 2022

We've seen this year, hard work pays off, because we've received a number of certifications in 2022 that reflect our efforts at VAST FORWARD. In the following article, we will go into more detail about these certifications and explain what's behind them.

Nov 2022

Science – What does that mean for VAST GREEN?

Because science explores relationships and causes and can describe human actions over time, because it measures and visualizes impacts, and because it offers evidence-based solutions, it can also be said that without science, without its findings, there is no sustainability.